Miniature punchneedle involves only a few tools.  We've got what you need to create wonderful punched pieces.

The Super Luxo is the Rolls Royce of punchneedles.  Made entirely of stainless steel, this is a punchneedle that's made to last.  It has exceptionally smooth needletips that glide through fabric (like a hot knife through butter!).  The handle is long and broad, which makes it easy to hold — something that's particularly important if you have arthritis or other hand-related issues.  The Super Luxo comes with four needletips that range in size from one-strand to six-strand.  The needletips slip on and off the handle in an instant, with only a twist of the wrist.  The Super Luxo is available only as a set of one handle and four needletips in a plastic storage case, and two threaders.  The set costs $40.  And if you need extra threaders, we have those, too, at $1 each.

Gripper Frame
If you're tired of constantly struggling with an embroidery hoop to get your fabric tight, then the gripper frame is for you!  Much like the frames which rug hookers use, the gripper frame uses fine carding strips with thousands of tiny metal wires that grab the fabric and hold it tight. The fabric is simply placed gently on top of the frame, and is pulled at each side to create a tight surface. And that's it. No extensive tugging and pulling. And the fabric doesn't loosen once it's on the frame. Best of all, you have a deliciously tight surface on which to punch. Once you try a gripper frame, you'll never want to use a hoop again!  Gripper frames are available in six sizes:

5×5… $30
5×7… $36
6×6… $36
7×7… $41
7×9… $45
10×10… $54

Please note that these measurements reflect the size of the inside opening.  Custom sizes are also available.

These scissors are simply the best for punchneedle work.  Their sharp, very thin blades allow you to clip your threads exceptionally close to the fabric.  The spring action of the scissors makes these easy to grab and to use. And the pointy tips are perfect for plucking out any wayward loops that you want to remove from your punching.  We haven't found any scissors that can do a better job.  $18

Finish the edges of your punched pieces very elegantly by attaching twisted cording made from thread that matches the outer border threads.  Twisted cording can be made very easily and quickly with the Spinster, which magically transforms your thread into professional-looking cording. Once you make the cording, simply stitch it to the outer border of your piece, and you're done!  Detailed instructions for using the Spinster can be found here.   $15

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